Business philosophy

Berbank AS is the member of the financial market of Estonia, which was created  to meet the constantly growing demand for corporate clients and private individuals to offer personal, high quality and operational banking services.

Berbank AS new shareholders made significant changes in the Bank’s policy and the Bank’s development strategy.

The main goal of Berbank AS is its further development as a modern and reliable European bank, which may offer a wide range of financial services, professional and individual approach, quality and efficient service to both corporate and private clients.

An important task of the Bank is to expand its activities. One of the first and important steps towards this was the opening of Berbank AS representative office in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine).

Our mission:

«Berbank creates an opportunity for you to focus solely on your business and strategic goals by offering you personalized, thought - out, and operative financial solutions facilitated by highly qualified staff, newest technologies and wide product range.»

Berbank - is:

- Standard banking services;
- Individual approach;
- Unique solutions;
- Fast and convenient services.

Berbank changes constantly to adapt to new times, markets and people demands.

Internet Bank




Exchange Rates

  Cash Transfer
Buy Sell Buy Sell
USD 1.3194 1.2881 1.3142 1.2933
GBP 0.8554 0.8301 0.8495 0.8360
LVL 0.7105 0.6895 0.7056 0.6944
LTL 3.5046 3.4010 3.4804 3.4252
SEK 8.7248 8.4670 8.6647 8.5271
NOK 7.7538 7.5246 7.7003 7.5781
DKK 7.5683 7.3446 7.5161 7.3968
RUB 41.1049 40.1301
CHF 1.2416 1.2171

Indexes Rates

  3 Months 6 Months
EURIBOR 0.2060 0.3180
LIBOR 0.2756 0.4304