Berbank As offers its customers a dynamic and focussed approach to the investment business. The cornerstones of this approach are comprehensive analyses, understanding of the processes on global markets, and successful co-operation with leading investment institutions.

By virtue of its independent status Berbank AS is capable of identifying the best partners and suppliers of financial products in any highly specialised niches, developing thereby a flexible range of investment instruments and services tailored to individual needs and preferences of clients across the world.

  •  Professional Approach

We study and screen all incoming and often contradictory data, which are complicated for investors to handle themselves. Our forecasts of changes in market prospects provide clients an opportunity to identify new tendencies in good time and act upon them early. Our assessments about the state of the economy and markets are always accompanied by practical recommendations reflecting concrete analytical implications vis-à-vis assembling of an investment portfolio.

A list of recommended bonds, which sets out our preferences by individual countries, currencies and rating levels, is distributed to our investment solution clients.

  • Individual approach

Attention of our employees is always focussed on attempting to understand the needs and wishes of the client in order to select the most appropriate financial solutions. We strive to arrange our investment proposals in accordance with the set investment objectives. Such proposals take into consideration both short-term as well as long-term financial goals.

Our original solutions can combine traditional instruments, such as deposits, bond and stocks, with alternative investments, allowing us to create complex and efficient solutions.

Your personal account manager will prepare a detailed proposal tailored to your needs in order for you to accurately assess the risks stemming from the set target return.

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