Overnight deposit

By signing the overnight deposit transaction contract You will get an opportunity to place your daily balance on the current account automatically for more higher percentage. The overnight deposit interests will be transferred to Your bank account after the end of the deposit period i.e. in the morning of the next calendar day.

Overnight deposit conditions:

Placement period - from 9:00 p.m. until the beginning of the next business day 9:00 a.m.

Deposit currency - Overnight deposit can be opened in euro and/or U.S. dollars.

According to the agreement the standard minimum account balance should be EUR 20 000 or its equivalent in U.S. dollars.

The minimum balance is calculated within the confines of the single currency.

Interest rates are calculated according to the daily balance on the current account under the current Bank price list.

Interest rates on the Overnight deposit valid from 1st of August 2012:

EUR 0.1%
USD 0.05%

Earned with overnight deposit interests will be transferred to your bank account on the following banking day by 9:00 o'clock.

Termination of the overnight deposit: You have the right to terminate the overnight deposit contract  from the next banking day by notifying the Bank in written form.

You can open a deposit in Berbank AS Central office at Pärnu mnt. 12, Tallinn.

NB! To open a deposit, you must have an account in our Bank.

Prior to the conclusion of each financial service agreement, we advise You to examine thoroughly the service conditions and if necessary to consult a bank officer.

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Exchange Rates

  Cash Transfer
Buy Sell Buy Sell
USD 1.3847 1.3492 1.3752 1.3587
GBP 0.8451 0.8234 0.8409 0.8275
LTL 3.4979 3.4081 3.4806 3.4254
SEK 9.0086 8.7773 8.9641 8.8218
NOK 8.4743 8.2567 8.4324 8.2986
DKK 7.5595 7.3655 7.5222 7.4028
RUB 46.0167 44.9253
CHF 1.2392 1.2196

Indexes Rates

  3 Months 6 Months
EURIBOR 0.2820 0.3890
LIBOR 0.2389 0.3384