Safe deposit boxes

Since 30. May 2011 there is an opportunity to rent a safe deposit boxes in Berbank AS. The service is available only in the bank's head office in Tallinn, Pärnu Str 12.

A safe deposit box may be rented by private or legal person, who owns a settlement account in Berbank AS and who has concluded a Rental Agreement of the Safe Deposit Box. Only person who has concluded the agreement or the person authorized by him/her is allowed to use the safe deposit box. The bank has safe deposit boxes in five levels, each person can choose the most appropriate for him/her.

To conclude the rental agreement and to use the safe deposit box, an identity document has to be provided. Deposit for the safe deposit box has to be paid in concluding the agreement, rental fee will be debited from the settlement account on a monthly basis. Access to the safe deposit boxes is available during the bank's opening hours.

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