Current account

Current account in Berbank AS - is a convenient and reliable way to store and manage your money.

Cooperation with Berbank AS begins with opening a current account.

Current account - is the most common bank account, with which you can:

  • implement interbank, domestic and international payments;
  • withdraw and deposit cash;
  • pay for goods and services by bank transfer;
  • convert currency on a fixed exchange rate;
  • get a regular information about your current account in the Bank central office or through the Internet Bank Berso;
  • keep euro or other foreign currency on your account.

In order to open a Bank account, you need to visit our office, where we will ask you:

  • to fill in an agreement on the opening of the account;
  • to provide a sample of your signature;
  • to present a proof of identity (passport, driving license or ID-card).

Upon opening a current account, the bank grants you a nine-digit domestic bank account number starting with 55... . The settlement contract also specifies the international bank account number IBAN, which starts with the letters EE and ends with a domestic bank account number and together is a total of twenty-digits.

The same current account may be used to hold different currencies (the list of currencies and interest rates applicable to them is included in the price list of the bank), it is also possible to open several current accounts at the Bank.

The opening of a current account is a precondition for the conclusion of a fixed-term deposit contract, loan agreement and other agreements with the Bank.

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To open a current account, please visit our bank office.

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Exchange Rates

  Cash Transfer
Buy Sell Buy Sell
USD 1.3911 1.3581 1.3828 1.3664
GBP 0.8333 0.8201
LTL 3.4985 3.4155 3.4847 3.4293
SEK 9.0779 8.8626 9.0420 8.8985
NOK 8.4498 8.2494 8.4164 8.2828
DKK 7.5223 7.4029
RUB 49.4112 48.2393
CHF 1.2295 1.2100

Indexes Rates

  3 Months 6 Months
EURIBOR 0.2870 0.3840
LIBOR 0.2349 0.3305