Owing to a large number of reliable partners our Bank has access to virtually all the stock exchanges in the world.

By contacting our client service department you can learn how to accurately and profitably transact on any stock exchange markets that you may be interested in.

The fee for the services is charged in accordance with the effective rates of Berbank AS.

For concluding any transactions you will need to:

  • Open a current account with Berbank AS. In order to open an account you need to visit our office. Opening of a current account is free and you will also be provided free access to our internet-banking service.
  • Open a custody account for holding securities. For securities listed on the Tallinn, Vilnius or Riga stock exchanges you will need to open a securities account.
  • Conclude a framework agreement on the provision of financial services.
  • Transfer the funds intended for investments to the current account.
  • Contact a representative of the client service department or a specialist of the money market and finance division and place an order for a transaction or consult with them on investment matters. You will receive a confirmation of the completed transaction by telefax or electronic mail; you will have to sign it and send back to the Bank. Within a set period of time following the completion of the transaction the stocks will be deposited to your account, and the amount of the transaction will be debited from your current account.

You can review the portfolio of securities on your custody account as well as all the completed transactions at any time using our internet-banking system. You can also order sending regular account statements by telefax or e-mail.

Should you need additional information you are welcome to contact us by telephone +372 6 802 500, or send us a message by electronic mail:; you are also welcome to visit our central office at Pärnu mnt. 12 Tallinn.

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Exchange Rates

  Cash Transfer
Buy Sell Buy Sell
USD 1.3228 1.2915 1.3176 1.2967
GBP 0.8593 0.8339 0.8534 0.8398
LVL 0.7105 0.6895 0.7056 0.6944
LTL 3.5046 3.4010 3.4804 3.4252
SEK 8.7199 8.4622 8.6598 8.5223
NOK 7.7664 7.5369 7.7129 7.5904
DKK 7.5680 7.3443 7.5158 7.3965
RUB 41.3301 40.3499
CHF 1.2451 1.2205

Indexes Rates

  3 Months 6 Months
EURIBOR 0.2060 0.3190
LIBOR 0.2756 0.4314