Berbank AS’s specialists make their best efforts to identify the most promising trends in all market segments in order to integrate them in your investment portfolio.

One of the strengths of the Bank is close partnership relations with respectable investment institutions. We start any co-operation only after having conducted a comprehensive due diligence process. This way we can ensure that we work with only the best and the most reliable partners in every niche.

Regardless of whether you prefer to act on the basis of your own discretion, or rely on our opinions in conducting your investment activities we will assist you in making the right choice from among the wide range of various investment instruments and partners vis-à-vis particular asset classes, regions, styles or currencies.

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Exchange Rates

  Cash Transfer
Buy Sell Buy Sell
USD 1.3229 1.2916 1.3177 1.2968
GBP 0.8670 0.8414 0.8610 0.8474
LVL 0.7126 0.6916 0.7077 0.6965
LTL 3.5046 3.4010 3.4804 3.4252
SEK 8.7127 8.4551 8.6526 8.5152
NOK 7.7203 7.4921 7.6670 7.5454
DKK 7.5670 7.3433 7.5148 7.3955
RUB 42.2809 41.2781
CHF 1.2523 1.2275

Indexes Rates

  3 Months 6 Months
EURIBOR 0.2000 0.3000
LIBOR 0.2740 0.4118